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6000L/H Transformer Oil Treatment System and 1000m3/h Vacuum Pump Machine Sales to Peru

April 23,2020.

In April, 2020. ACORE company as a manufacturer of Transformer Oil Treatment System and Vacuum Pump Machine sales a set of DVTP-100(6000L/H) Double Stages High Vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment System and a set of VPS-1000(1000m3/h) High Vacuum Pump Machine to Peru. According to user’s requirement, the high vacuum transformer oil treatment system adopts a vertical type vacuum dehydration and degasification chamber, meanwhile the equipment can be used at power supply(380V, 230V, 440V, 60hz) and all components of vacuum pump machine and transformer oil treatment equipment are made in Germany, which ensure that lifetime of the equipment more than 20 years.

VPS Vacuum Pump Machine
Vacuum Pump Unit

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