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DVTP100(6000L/H) Transformer Oil Purifier Sale to Vietnam

January 5,2021.

Acore Filtration Co.Ltd sales a unit of DVTP100(6000 liters per hour) double stages high vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier to Vietnam, the transformer oil purifier is equipped with a double-stage vacuum systems with a large pumping rate, which can meet the requirements of vacuuming the transformer at the installation or maintenance site, and meanwhile, DVTP100 Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Machine can complete the degassing and dehydrating process of the transformer insluating oil at the same time, shortening the oil purification process time. Acore's DVTP100 Transformer Oil Purifier integrates precision filtration, dehydration, degassing, vacuum three-dimensional evaporation technology and automatic control technology of oil, simple operation, safe and reliable operation. Know more technical details and price of Acore's transformer oil purification machine, please Contact us: sales@acorefiltration.com.

Transformer Oil Purifier Transformer Oil Purifier

Transformer Oil Purification Machine Transformer Oil Purification Machine

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