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VTP-M10(600L/H) Mobile Transformer Oil Purification Plant Sales to Pakistan

May 18,2020.

Acore Filtration Co.,Ltd manufacture and sales a set of VTP-M10 mobile vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant to Pakistan. Under high vacuum, the oil dehydration efficiency increase too much. The higher the degree of vacuum, the greater the boiling point drop and the faster the evaporation of water. Similarly, the higher the temperature, the faster the water evaporates. So Acore's Transformer Oil Dehydration Machine adopts high vacuum and low temperature feature, which quickly and effectively remove water, and at same time, the impurities in the oil are removed through the filter, then get clean oil. Following is pictures of VTM-M10 exported to Pakistan:

Transformer Oil Purification Plant
Transformer Oil Treatment Machine


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